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Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies

The Centre was created on January 14, 2013. Based at Wilfrid Laurier University, CMTS aims to be a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and a space of confluence for scholars, artists and community agencies working in the field of memory representation and testimonial studies in the 21st century. CMTS seeks to undertake comparative explorations of how memory and its counterpart, forgetting, are represented in Canada and how these approaches compare with other researches, artistic representations and investigations undertaken in other cultural and geographic spaces.

The scope of the activities of CMTS is not only international but also multi-disciplinary, opening the possibility for debate and on-going collaboration among professionals and practitioners who have traditionally been separated from one another.
CMTS is open to faculty, students, artists, writers and filmmakers and any one whose work and activities are linked to the field of memory and testimony representations. CMTS seeks to become a forum for joint initiatives-conferences, workshops, exhibits, teaching programs, and publications-either originating or hosted in Canada.

Marta Marin-Dóminè, Director

Colman Hogan, Co-Director